Youk, it’s not your fault.

What a hard week it has been in Boston.

Maybe I keep watching that video, thinking about how I grew to love baseball and the Red Sox alongside Kevin Youkilis’s nine-year career here. Maybe I’ve been thinking about my first ever Red Sox game—the week Youk was called up from the minors for the first time—and how I picked him, the scrappy rookie, to be my favorite. Yes, he was my favorite guy.

As I deal with my grief, I just want to say:

Youk, It's Not Your Fault

Let us grieve:

Youk Kubler-Ross Stage 1

Youk Kubler-Ross Stage 3

Youk Kubler-Ross Stage 3

Youk Kubler-Ross Stage 4

Youk Kubler-Ross Stage 5

Yankee Doodle, it’s not your fault!

Uncle Sam

McSweeney’s Internet Tendency featured “Patriotic Songs Reworked For The Modern Age” today for the Fourth of July. Their final entry, “Yankee Doodle,” just goes to show what a profound and encompassing effect Good Will Hunting has had on America’s perception of therapy. Happy Fourth of July, everybody! It’s not your fault!

Yankee Doodle

Yankee Doodle went to town
A-riding on a pony.
Mommy is at work tonight, so I made instant macaroni
For dinner. Why don’t they come to my baseball games anymore?
My therapist tells me it’s not my fault.

If you can type, you can make movies. (If you can’t, it’s not your fault.)

The video that put Xtranormal on the map pokes fun at the iPhone-obsessed — and has been viewed more than 11 million times since June.

The other day I heard a story on NPR about the meme-erific site — you know, the one where you can type in a script and create a video with some computer-animated teddy bears or robots.

As NPR says:

Xtranormal’s computerized voices can give almost anything a touch of humor, even when it isn’t supposed to be funny… The most popular scripts have a formula: There’s a wise guy who is the voice of reason, and a tone-deaf, argumentative adversary.

So in lieu of an animated GIF this Friday, let’s kick it up a notch, into the world of video memes… Blog Will Hunting Presents: “It’s Not Your Fault, Xtranormalified”