Twitter Round-Up: Eddie’s got her numbah

It all started in October. And then Twitter-user Eddie Alfano couldn’t stop. Quick, someone get this guy a CBS sitcom.

"Hey. Do you like oranges? Well, orange you glad I got her numbah???!!! (Good Will Hunting First Draft)

Hey, do you like raisins? Well I got her numbah. And I plan on raisin her kids some day!(If Good Will Hunting didn't have commitment issues)

"Hey, do you like Olives? Cause i didn't want her numbah. And olive right up the street. You free tonight?" (If Good Will Hunting were gay)

Hey, Twitter Followers, Do you like milk? Cause i'm milking these Good Will Hunting jokes for as long as possible!

Hey, do you like asparagus? Well i got her numbah. But my car is dead. Can u a-spare-a-gas money? (If Good Will Hunting were a poor Italian)

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Twitter Round-Up: Misty-eyed in the airport

Another round-up of what we tweet about when we tweet about Good Will Hunting

Oof. Getting misty-eyed in the airport watching good will hunting.

Just watched all of "Good Will Hunting" and realized I'd meant to watch "Dead Poets Society." #DoubleAwk

Watching good will hunting. Can we give them more oscars?

I'm watching good will hunting for the first time. 1) there's no way people actually talk like that. 2) matt damon does not know how to mop.

#dropalettermovies American Pi - Good Will Hunting re-done as a gross-out teen comedy

"Hey. Do you like oranges? Well, orange you glad I got her numbah???!!! (Good Will Hunting First Draft)

I'm making my stepson do mathematical equations on his bedroom window until he creates something like Facebook or Good Will Hunting.

Get drunk and jump ship to the Red Sox

A back-and-forth with Kevin Smith, some crude remarks about Minnie Driver, and other notable recent tweets about Good Will Hunting. This is What We Tweet When We Tweet About Good Will Hunting

How come when I watch "good will hunting", I feel compelled to get drunk, jump ship to the Red Sox and read Howard Zinn books. GREAT MOVIE.

@ThatKevinSmith From all my research, I have to much of a hand DID you play in writing Good Will Hunting?

Via @morebanter "how much of a hand DID you play in writing Good Will Hunting" I helped the most by NOT ADDING ANYTHING except "This rules."

how the fuck am i going to write a 7 page paper about Good Will Hunting?

I have declared today job hunt and a movie day. Today's film Good Will Hunting. Excellent movie

Just watched Good Will Hunting for the first time. All I could think was "Isn't Minnie Driver a bit old to play a college student?"

Whenever I see Minnie Driver I can only see her doing that blowjob joke on Good Will Hunting

Rewatched Good Will Hunting thx to @togesky it's still a damn good movie. I'd totally bang Minnie Driver just to hear her laugh.

Good Will Hunting did get one thing right: Bostonians do curse like sailors. #butdotheylikeapples

Watching "Good Will Hunting" with the wife. How did Gus Van Sant get Robin Williams to stand/sit still that long? CGI?

Good will hunting rules. Nite all.

Another in our occasional series: What We Tweet About When We Tweet About Good Will Hunting.

Ben Affleck not getting a best supporting actor nod for Good Will Hunting is a total travesty. Same w/Ted Knight in Caddyshack.

I watched the Glee finale earlier and I was entertained. Now I'm watching Good Will Hunting and it makes me want to be a better me.

i never saw good will hunting, its on netflix 'watch it now' so i can watch it for free but is it worth my time? i hate yuppie films.

The fact that Damon's character in Good Will Hunting is named Will Hunting bothers me. Don't ask me why.

@megansarahj Cambridge! Good Will Hunting!

Sleep is insane. Good will hunting rules. Nite all

NoteToSelf. U want to walk the neighborhood? Fine, but dont do it in a 3/4 length shirt and Ben Affleck's track pants from Good Will Hunting

@DeathByWaffle Good Will Hunting has a "fight scene"? That's like Casablanca having a slow-mo bullet-time scene. Just doesn't fit,

watching good will hunting craving an egg roll