Does it ruin my hipster cred?

Good Will Tweeting… from the Twittersphere this week.

watching good will hunting, which I have not seen since I was 14 and kind of obsessed with it
RT @wafflesgirls got the mop. buying a chalkboard. studying math. i'm so close to becoming good will hunting i can taste it.
i had to act good will hunting in hs drama class & it was the worst scene ever. & the sucky part is now i understand the math he does
Good Will Hunting, however, makes me want to speak with a Southy accent, ponder Putnam math sets, drink and fight, and see a therapist.
If you liked Good Will Hunting, you'll love Triumph of the Will. #netflixfkdup
Tonite the cleaning guy at my gym was cleaning, stopped, did 15 reps of 265 on bench, then went back to work. Good Will Hunting on HGH.#fb
Flickchart presents me with thought provoking choices. Does it ruin my hipster cred if I like Good Will Hunting better than Fight Club?
I've kept a list of every movie I've seen since DEC. 1st, 1997. Shocked at how many times I've seen Good Will Hunting in the last 12 years.
A guy tried to tell me the Good Will Hunting story like it was him. The part about skipping an epic ballgame to go on a date with his wife2B

Good Will Twittering

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@DanielleHeffron You'll never have to watch Good Will Hunting by yourself again! Ill love you dead! ;cD I promise. Ill be in your bed soon!
#MJ did for equal rights what Ben Affleck did for the script of Good Will Hunting.
Just had Matt Damon and Ben Affleck impersonators in studio for DNTV. PS: they are women and they fooled me. It was like Good Will Hunting.
@tweet_addiction Wie wärs mit Good Will Hunting ?
@errordetected Wrong! Everyone knows Robin Williams won the Oscar for "Good Will Hunting" because of the hairy beauty on his face.
Brava! Brava! Absolutely incredible! Brilliant! Amazing! Everyone should see it if you haven't already. All hail Good Will Hunting!
And now to have another beer in addition to my all time favorite movie "Good Will Hunting". Suspect I'll cry but it's always amazing
Did you know that the very last line in Good Will Hunting: "Son of a B*tch, you stole my line", was ad-libbed by Robin?
Good Will Hunting - a great movie. The only thing Will could not master was his emotions :) Otherwise he is a true genius.
Watching Finding Forrester or as I like to call it Good Will Hunting in the Hood. Getting my pipe camp on.