My name is Andy Samberg, and I am as honored to be here today as I am unqualified.

Commencement season has come and gone, and as always, this one was ripe with Good Will Hunting references, most notably the “real life ‘Good Will Hunting'” janitor who graduated from Columbia with honors.

And for a commencement speech, especially in this town, a Good Will Hunting reference is the obvious go-to. Amy Poehler circled around one in her Harvard Class Day address last year, but this year Andy Samburg went right for it. Within 30 seconds, boom! (Including the introduction, it comes in at about the 3:15 mark.) And lots of The Social Network references too, just to sweeten the deal.


The Real Housewives of South Boston

Sure, we here at Blog Will Hunting just had our most popular post of all time, a provocative piece by guest blogger Dorothy.

And Matt & Ben have finally announced a project that will bring them and Boston back together on screen.

And I had the pleasure of viewing a local production of the hilarious play Matt & Ben this summer in Cambridge.

And I have plenty of backed-up ruminations on how walking through Harvard Yard on quiet evenings recalls Good Will Hunting, and what it means to make a Boston Movie in this cinematic age.

But instead of blogging about any of that, I’m going to just post this and call it a day:

Republicans on The Town

So amid all the recent debt ceiling drama, Republicans reportedly used a scene from The Town to persuade fellow party members to back Speaker Boehner’s plan.

Director Ben Affleck’s reaction? He spoke to the Huffington Post and explained “I don’t know if this is a compliment or the ultimate repudiation — but if they’re going to be watching movies, I think [layoff drama] The Company Men is more appropriate.”

Vulture also felt that Ben’s other films might have some more appropriate scenes, offering Seven Other Ben Affleck Scenes That Republicans Can Watch for Inspiration.

Coming in at number 4 of 7, The “Retainer” Scene From Good Will Hunting.

Does it seem odd that President Obama has given the Republicans nearly everything they could ask for and yet they still threaten to drive the country into financial ruin? Maybe they’ve just learned from this classic scene in Good Will Hunting, where Affleck’s masquerading Southie is offered a generous salary with perks, but still demands a “retaaaaainer” and threatens to storm out of negotiations. Let me tell you something: The president is suspect.