Dear Salon: Just because you’re wicked smaht…

Amy Poehler told students to find people who challenge and inspire you.… (BRIAN SNYDER/REUTERS)
Amy Poehler told students to find people who challenge and inspire you.… (BRIAN SNYDER/REUTERS)

Harvard graduated this week, and Harvard Square swarmed with black and crimson caps and gowns. I was delighted to learn that Amy Poehler delivered the Class Day speech to the students and their families on Wednesday, and was especially delighted when I read on Salon (in a piece by pop culture contributor Drew Grant) that Poehler invoked Good Will Hunting in her speech.

So after watching the amusing address online, I must put forth a short but pointed open letter to the editors of Salon, and anyone else would would care listen.

Dear Drew Grant and Salon,

Speaking in an affected Boston accent does not constitute “quoting ‘Good Will Hunting.'”

That said, Poehler’s message that “you can’t do it alone” is certainly one espoused by the film–a missed opportunity by Poehler, to be sure, that she didn’t directly invoke the Damon-Affleck masterwork–but I see direct references to Good Will Hunting everywhere all the time, and saw none here.

Blog Will Hunting

ANYWAY, if you haven’t seen Amy Poehler’s Class Day address, enjoy! Especially the Boston accenty part, because it is pretty funny, even if it’s not a direct reference to an Oscar-winning best original screenplay.

This Saint Patrick’s Day See the Movie Boston Critics Are Praising

Boston Movie.

That oh-so-recognizable cue at the 1:05 mark brings tears to my eyes. I hope you all had a wonderful Evacuation Day.

The Oscar Winning Boston Movie

Sonuvabitch stole Pee-Wee’s line

What an unexpected context for a subtle Good Will Hunting reference — Saturday night’s SNL brought us a digital short with Pee-wee Herman, Anderson Cooper, and the memorable final line from Good Will Hunting.