Directly on its behalf.

Part of the legacy of Good Will Hunting is that a vast number of auditions and acting exercises have used its script as source material.  The web is full of Good Will Hunting scenes recreated, mostly with fairly appalling results.  If you have any doubt that Damon and Affleck (and even Williams) excel in this film, spending a few minutes on YouTube with amateur Will Huntings may change your mind.

The following scenes make some interesting choices interpreting a moment between Will and Skylar.  These performances confirm that it may be impossible to deliver the line “on behalf of my wiener” with any actorly dignity.  I’m not sure how Damon did it.

[youtube o5VNs_L4k5Y]
[youtube APTYgMpdhUA]

One thought on “Directly on its behalf.”

  1. I just realized that in the screenplay Will is "absentmindedly playing the memory game SIMON" in this scene, so the first clip here is actually directly based on the original source, not on the finished film. Nice work.

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