Mr. Damon: What’s with the hair?


In revisiting Good Will Hunting one of my reactions is always, dude, what’s with the hair?

Seemingly incongruent with Will’s character as a lower class, no-frills, anti-elitist, true-blue guy from Southie — his hair is always perfectly coiffed, gently gelled, and always bounces back into place.  It’s like a Vidal Sassoon ad.  Watch the fight scene.  His hair whips back and around in slow motion, like that of the best of Loreal models. 


Perhaps he just gives his hair a lot of attention.  Is that why he always does math in the mirror? 

Or maybe he’s just unshowered and his oily, voluminous hair is just a part of who he is?  Like his inborn gift of mathematical skill, he didn’t choose this gift of beautiful bouncy hair either.  He’s sitting on yet another winning lottery ticket, and owes it to us all to be in a shampoo commercial. 

Or he just uses great shampoo?  I don’t know.  Regardless, his hair is always beautiful.



I of course don’t recall his hair being that distracting back in 1997, and so perhaps it is simply a product of the late nineties.  Will is a tough guy, but he still wants to look cool.  I suppose we can give him that.

I was trying to remember if I could think of any similar hairstyles from the era. I don’t think I need to explain the startling similarities I discovered. 

Ladies and gentleman, the Will and the Rachel. 


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