There’s a new gritty town, er, in town

Move over Southie and Dorchester… there’s a new candidate for “one of the toughest neighborhoods in all of Boston… no place for the weak or innocent.

A one square mile neighborhood called… Charlestown!!

I incidentally did a quick Google search of Charlestown and “bank robberies” and came up with this article about a series of robberies in Charleston, Summerville, and Dorchester. Apparently there’s a parallel universe of Boston neighborhoods in South Carolina, slightly misspelled. I wonder if they each have a Boylston Street?

Read all about the filming of The Town in Harvard Square, right here in a Blog Will Hunting post from last winter.

Good will hunting rules. Nite all.

Another in our occasional series: What We Tweet About When We Tweet About Good Will Hunting.

Ben Affleck not getting a best supporting actor nod for Good Will Hunting is a total travesty. Same w/Ted Knight in Caddyshack.

I watched the Glee finale earlier and I was entertained. Now I'm watching Good Will Hunting and it makes me want to be a better me.

i never saw good will hunting, its on netflix 'watch it now' so i can watch it for free but is it worth my time? i hate yuppie films.

The fact that Damon's character in Good Will Hunting is named Will Hunting bothers me. Don't ask me why.

@megansarahj Cambridge! Good Will Hunting!

Sleep is insane. Good will hunting rules. Nite all

NoteToSelf. U want to walk the neighborhood? Fine, but dont do it in a 3/4 length shirt and Ben Affleck's track pants from Good Will Hunting

@DeathByWaffle Good Will Hunting has a "fight scene"? That's like Casablanca having a slow-mo bullet-time scene. Just doesn't fit,

watching good will hunting craving an egg roll

Sounds a lot like the plot of Good Will Hunting

The therapy scene from the Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly comedy Step Brothers; it sounds a lot like Good Will Hunting.

Hunting for a Half Way House

Affleck and Damon in Dogma

Slate recently had an article on”10 wildly ambitious—or just wildly misguided—movie projects that were doomed by financial difficulties, casting issues, their very premise, or, commonly enough, all three,” including a version of The Lord of the Rings starring the Beatles.

Nestled in at number eight is the following, a film project I had not heard of until now. Hey, at least it wasn’t a musical.

Half Way House
After the triumph of Good Will Hunting, Matt Damon and Ben Affleck found plenty of further success in acting, producing, and, in Affleck’s case, directing, but they have yet to film another Damon-Affleck script. Just months after GWH‘s release, they already had a project set up with Castle Rock. Affleck described Half Way House as an ensemble piece set in a home for the mentally impaired. The pair was going to play workers in the facility, at least initially. “Damon now tells Affleck he wants to play one of the retarded residents,” Variety‘s Army Archerd wrote in March 1998. “We’ve got 150 pages,” Damon told Entertainment Weekly that year, “and about five are good.” Whether he was being falsely modest or not, the film has been quietly dropped from both men’s list of future projects.