Good Will Tweeting: We’re a @RadioBoston Weekend Pick!

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We were thrilled to hear our name yesterday on WBUR, Boston’s NPR news station, as Radio Boston made our upcoming live tweet of Good Will Hunting a Weekend Pick. Thanks guys!

View details on our live tweet here.  View the Radio Boston story here, or simply have a listen. We’re at the 3:12 mark:

L Street Tavern, You’re a Can of Corn!

L Street Tavern

Local news network NECN is exploring the sites of iconic Boston movie scenes, and headed to the L Street Tavern this week. It’s pretty charming to hear from the perspective of the bar’s owner. She fondly recalls shutting down the street for a black tie Oscars party the night Good Will Hunting contended, refers to the movie as “we,” and remembers Robin Williams famously saluting the people of South Boston (“you’re a can of corn!”) in his Oscar speech.


Youk, it’s not your fault.

What a hard week it has been in Boston.

Maybe I keep watching that video, thinking about how I grew to love baseball and the Red Sox alongside Kevin Youkilis’s nine-year career here. Maybe I’ve been thinking about my first ever Red Sox game—the week Youk was called up from the minors for the first time—and how I picked him, the scrappy rookie, to be my favorite. Yes, he was my favorite guy.

As I deal with my grief, I just want to say:

Youk, It's Not Your Fault

Let us grieve:

Youk Kubler-Ross Stage 1

Youk Kubler-Ross Stage 3

Youk Kubler-Ross Stage 3

Youk Kubler-Ross Stage 4

Youk Kubler-Ross Stage 5

My name is Andy Samberg, and I am as honored to be here today as I am unqualified.

Commencement season has come and gone, and as always, this one was ripe with Good Will Hunting references, most notably the “real life ‘Good Will Hunting'” janitor who graduated from Columbia with honors.

And for a commencement speech, especially in this town, a Good Will Hunting reference is the obvious go-to. Amy Poehler circled around one in her Harvard Class Day address last year, but this year Andy Samburg went right for it. Within 30 seconds, boom! (Including the introduction, it comes in at about the 3:15 mark.) And lots of The Social Network references too, just to sweeten the deal.