TGIGIFF: I totally won in Wonderland!!

I totally won! GIF

Minnie Driver is at her most adorable in the above moment — a deft portrait of pure joy — in which her dog wins it all at Wonderland Greyhound Park of Revere, Massachusetts. “I totally won!!” she beams.

Wonderland Greyhound Park (photo via we learn from the Good Will Hunting DVD commentary, the actress actually bet on a dog, and as they filmed this scene, her dog came in first.

Greyhound racing in Revere is now a thing of the past due to a state-wide voter-supported ban on dog racing — the last live race occurred on September 18, 2009, and in August of 2010 the park shut down completely, ending a 75 year run. Skylar may never be so happy again.

So a tip of our hats to the greyhounds. Goodbye, 2010. Goodbye, Wonderland.

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