TGIGIFF: Punching Carmine Scarpaglia

“Hey, Carmine! It’s me, Will! Remember — we went to kindah-gahden together!” And then, PUNCH!

Thank Goodness, It’s Graphics Interchange Format Friday!

Punching Carmine

In a draft of the screenplay of Good Will Hunting, Carmine was instead a character named Bobby Champa, but the film is otherwise pretty true to the scene as written — Champa/Scarpaglia gets sucker-punched, it is “messy, ugly and chaotic,” and all because this guy used to beat up Will in kindergarten.

In the end, it’s our guys who are left standing, while Bobby’s friends stagger off. Chuckie and Morgan turn to see Will, standing over the unconscious Bobby Champa, still POUNDING him.


Whatever demons must be raging inside Will, he is taking them out on Bobby Champa. He pummels the helpless, unconscious Champa, fury in his eyes. Chuckie and Billy pull Will away.

In the special edition re-release, don’t worry, I’m sure Carmine will punch first.

Read our introduction to TGIGIFF here, and check out all the GIFs in one place here. This will be the last in the series for a while, but we’ll be back, one magic Friday.

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