Twitter round-up: All of Ben Affleck’s lines from Good Will Hunting tattooed on my forearms.

And now for another in our occasional series, What We Tweet About When We Tweet About Good Will Hunting.

[qtweet 24205113832775680]
[qtweet 24296478872707072]
[qtweet 24301760101224448]
[qtweet 24333956933484544]
[qtweet 24605959661813760]
[qtweet 35716542456922112]
[qtweet 35855681231785984]
[qtweet 35867432987926528]
[qtweet 35882788477476864]
[qtweet 22883222861914112]

5 thoughts on “Twitter round-up: All of Ben Affleck’s lines from Good Will Hunting tattooed on my forearms.”

  1. at one of the unis where I've worked, we could not hire you if you had visible piercings or tattoos. You can *have* them, but while you teach, they must be removed/covered. And for the interview, naturally, you would cover/remove them, especially because you'd have done your research, and known the culture of that university before you applied.

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  2. My feeling is that you should feel free to pierce and tattoo yourself as you see fit, but be aware of the possible repercussions re: future jobs. In general, I recommend that people only do body art in places that can be covered, or where the piercings can be removed and the holes left are not so obvious. In this way, you can adapt to your audience.

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