Twitter round-up: All of Ben Affleck’s lines from Good Will Hunting tattooed on my forearms.

And now for another in our occasional series, What We Tweet About When We Tweet About Good Will Hunting.

I think I wear scarfs now. Snoopy/good will hunting style so its ok right?

Can't even watch Good Will Hunting without the neighbors banging on the walls. #bitches

Watching Good Will Hunting.(obligatory comment about a timeless classic)

I really want a guy like Will in Good Will Hunting- hard headed vulgar with a fighting spirit and harvard smart! #pleasecometome

The love scenes between Minnie Driver and Matt Damon in Good Will Hunting are like a PSA for melanoma.

Why's it called 'Good Will Hunting'? If you think about it, he was a bit of a dick throughout most of the film. 'Dickhead Will Hunting'

@jennicaharper A filling of mine wore down & the hygienist repeated "It's not your fault" until I cried into her arms a la Good Will Hunting

I wonder what the record is for the amount of times people have watched Good Will Hunting. I think I hold the record.

Watching tv with my future father in law. He just changed good will hunting to Steven Seagal's Patriot. Don't have much more to say. #sad

All of Ben Affleck's lines from Good Will Hunting tattooed on my forearms.

5 thoughts on “Twitter round-up: All of Ben Affleck’s lines from Good Will Hunting tattooed on my forearms.”

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