Youk, it’s not your fault.

What a hard week it has been in Boston.

Maybe I keep watching that video, thinking about how I grew to love baseball and the Red Sox alongside Kevin Youkilis’s nine-year career here. Maybe I’ve been thinking about my first ever Red Sox game—the week Youk was called up from the minors for the first time—and how I picked him, the scrappy rookie, to be my favorite. Yes, he was my favorite guy.

As I deal with my grief, I just want to say:

Youk, It's Not Your Fault

Let us grieve:

Youk Kubler-Ross Stage 1

Youk Kubler-Ross Stage 3

Youk Kubler-Ross Stage 3

Youk Kubler-Ross Stage 4

Youk Kubler-Ross Stage 5

One thought on “Youk, it’s not your fault.”

  1. Even I am a big fan or Red Sox. Well, this man, Kevin Youkilis has been a part of the team ever since I supported Red Sox. He is an aggressive player and take this opportunity to bid good bye to this great player.

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